african economy

With my portrait series I want to tell little stories about people in different parts of Kenya running a business. I would like to correct western prejudices about the mentality of african people. I like to show strong, proud, encouraged persones, moving forward their own country.

In October 2017 and in October 2018 I travelled around the country to meet such people and to take portraits of them. I listened to a lot of crazy stories. I found the fisherman, who is simply struggeling to survive. I met the smart manager, founder of one of the biggest advertisement agencies in Nairobi. But in everyone I captured I saw the high motivation to improve the life by acting and not waiting.

salesgirls in a shop for mobile-phones, Nakuru

Joyce – professional care for disbaled children, Korogocho

Raphael Angora and Fredrick M. Mwaliwa  –  secretaries of a trade union, Nairobi

Peter Kuria – shop for videos and music, Nyahururu

John T. Machaa – workshop for steel and welding, Nyeri

Linda Amulabu – lawyer in her office, Nyeri

Stephen Nzusa – lawyer and social worker at the window of his office, Nairobi

Joseph W. Theuri and his wife Julia – shop for computergenerated mixed colours, Nyeri

Mandee S. Virdee – factory for tee-production equipment, Kericho

Joyce Agufana – manager of Kenyan Seeds Ltd., Nakuru

Mr. Chandaran – founder of one of the first african record labels, Kericho

Lucy Kibe – roadshop for fruits, northern Kenya

Joseph Mwaniki – shoe shiner, Nyahururu

Sarah Nyambura – writer, singer, book shop, Nyahururu

Joseph Mwangi – butcher, Nyahururu

Isaiah Opiese – hotel manager, Nyahururu

Esther Mongera – owner conctruction enterprise, northern Kenya

David Avido – fashion designer, Nairobi

Jack Mwai – owner of Design Village, leading design and advertisement agency, Nairobi

Alex Vice – music production and media studio, Nairobi