Good Morning Mr. Eric

Good morning Mr. Eric – so I was called every morning, when a new day started with Philip an Gregory, my assistents and drivers during my travel to explore african ecnomy in Kenya.

With a portrait series I liked to tell little stories about people in different parts of Kenya running a business. I liked to correct western prejudices about the mentality of african people. I liked to show strong, proud, encouraged persones, moving forward their own country.

In October 2017 and in October 2018 I travelled around Kenya to meet such people and to take portraits of them. I listened to a lot of crazy stories. I found the fisherman, who is simply struggeling to survive. I met the smart manager, founder of one of the biggest advertisement agencies in Nairobi. But in everyone I captured I saw the high motivation to improve the life by acting and not waiting.

But finaly only a few people in Germany understood the pictures, the content. So I decided to built a machine: a big cube, full of surprises, with holes to look in, with light, sounds and smoke coming out. And I decidted to overpaint some of the portraits to concentrate them to the persons I captured.

the machine in action
the cube in darknes in my sudio during a test-installation